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National Quadruped Competition Stops in Lawrence

A national quadruped competition stopped in Lawrence Sunday, where dogs and their owners duked it out for distance.

The Kansas City Disc Dogs group hosted the fourth of five competitions in a cross-country tour. Completing long throws to furry friends earns big points.

“We just wanted to be able to put on a cool enough event that would make them want to come here,” said Jeff Scheetz, board member of the Kansas City Disc Dogs, “And we’ve done that, it’s been a really neat event.”

The event also gives dogs who are deemed too energetic for the average family a second chance.

“A lot of people end up taking these dogs back because they just can’t deal with them,” said competitor Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz. “They don’t have the time to manage them, they don’t have the time to work them out. These people glum onto those dogs.”

It’s high energy that wins competitions – and sets records.

“In our first competition actually we set a record for distance,” said competitor Rob McLeod.

McLeod and his teammate, a Whippet named Davy, hold the current world record, nearly the length of a football field. He tries to find a balance between being competitive and having fun.

“It’s all friendly, I mean, everyone is here to play with their dogs and they want to see people perform well,” he said.

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