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Thorhild Dog Sets World Record in Frisbee Distance Catch

The first dog to catch a disc thrown over 400 feet, Davy Whippet now holds the World Record with a catch of 134 yards (402 feet). The previous record of 130 yards was set in 1994. “We are allowed a maximum of 15 attempts per day,” said McLeod, who throws for Davy. “This is important because there are many factors to take into account – how Davy is feeling, my throw, the wind and where the sun is. This record has been unbroken for 18 years for a reason – it’s not easy to break!”

Davy waits beside McLeod while McLeod throws the Frisbee. Davy can not cross the start line until the disc has been thrown. The spot at which he first touches the disc is where the catch is marked. To catch a flying disc over 400 feet from his thrower, Davy covers that distance in about 10 seconds. “This has been a dream of mine since I started competing with Davy just over a year ago,” said McLeod. “For me to be able to say that Davy has caught further than any other dog means a lot.”

Davy lives with his owner and trainer, Lara Sorensen, and her partner, Brent Bard. They have a big, perfect field for running around and chasing discs. It helps Davy keep in top form, and it shows. In the past nine months, Davy and McLeod set four World Records, won two World Championships and won the Quadruped National title. They set the Quadruped World Record at the 2012 Denver Quad on Aug. 5 with a catch of 116.5 yards.

Davy is also the 2012 Skyhoundz World Champion in Xtreme Distance in both Classic and Unlimited Plastic. He broke both World Records in those divisions. Last year Davy was the 2011 Skyhoundz World Xtreme Distance Champion in the Men’s Classic division. Davy is nearly four years old. He was born in New York State, but has belonged to Sorensen since he was eight weeks old. “I wanted a Whippet specifically for Frisbee,” she said. “I like black and white dogs, so I specifically went out of my way to find him.”

Although a high-powered athlete, Davy is not a diva. Well, not much of one. He does not have a special diet, and eats the same food as Sorensen’s other dogs. He enjoys snuggling on his humans’ bed, and will relax in that warmth even after they get up. “He’s a spoiled child,” laughed Sorensen. “He is a couch potato 99 percent of the day. When you ask him to work, he is 100 percent turned on.” Before big events Davy goes to visit McLeod. They spend a week or so together, and Davy gets all the perks.

In addition to competing in distance competitions, Davy and McLeod have performed demos for the Edmonton Rush professional lacrosse team, in front of hundreds of fans at the Rainmaker Rodeo and for kids camps with the Calgary Humane Society.

McLeod also competes in ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and overall disc sport competitions and teaches dog owners how to throw better for their dogs.