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Mild Weather Makes for Untrainable Ice

Unfortunately for us, Calgary is in the middle of a Chinook which means warm temperatures for the next 2 weeks that could cause the ice at Bowness Lagoon to be soft to the point of being unskatable. This is really unfortunate because now is the time where we want to be training, with 3.5 weeks left until we attempt to break world records at the Silver Skate Festival.

As you can see from the 14 day outlook for Calgary, the next two weeks include above freezing or close to it numbers everyday. Quite possibly from Sunday, Jan 22 on, it would be absolutely perfect conditions but that’s only if they’re able to work on the ice and get it back to being smooth and fix all the ruts from that damage that this week will bring.


Since we’ll be attempting the records in Edmonton, I’m considering going up a few weeks early to train on the ice where we’ll be doing the attempts. It looks very similar though which is strange because usually Edmonton is much colder than Calgary.


The main reason why I wouldn’t want to leave Calgary is so that I could stay and help continue training Jill and Jennie, especially since Jennie hasn’t gotten out on the ice yet. So I’m really torn. I need to get out on the ice this weekend when it gets a bit colder and see how it feels. If I go to Edmonton, I’ll have to help train the girls remotely. If I stay in Calgary, and the ice doesn’t improve, I will continue to get frustrated that I can’t get out and train on the ice.

I wouldn’t be able to leave before Saturday anyway since I’m scheduled to work. I would like to get at least once training session with Jennie in person before I leave so based on the forecast, I’m thinking maybe Sunday or Monday I’ll head to Edmonton, depending on how the ice feels at the Lagoon.