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Frisbee and Unplugging at Cobequid Consolidated Elementary

Today was a full school assembly and frisbee workshops with Primary to Grade 5 students at Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School. I also challenged the whole school to get Unplugg’d all weekend, which means no video games, no movies and no tv.

Normally for my Unplugg’d challenge, I’ll get the students to visit the website and fill out the form. However, after talking to the principal, since it’s a rural school, they’re going to report to their principal. This isn’t how I usually do it, but I love how involved the principal is in her school and how much she cares about her students. Based on her suggestions, the kids will tell their parents about the challenge and she thinks we’ll have more uptake this way. I’m excited to find out next week since this has always been a challenge – trying to figure out how to get more kids to take the challenge.

Aside from the frisbee workshops and the Unplugg’d challenge, I think it’s so important to be aware, present and empathetic with the kids. With so many kids dealing with some unimaginable situations at home, they need as much support as possible. The kids are my focus and the reason I care as much as I do. I hope that through their resiliency and strength, they challenge their parents to do better and the family will benefit from reducing their screen time and spending more time together, reading, playing games and doing things as a family!

Thanks Natalie for having me out today and your awesome staff!