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Cochrane’s Youth Active Night

I was invited to teach frisbee during the weekly Youth Active Night in Cochrane. Every week, they showcase a different sport. Last week was futsal and next week is soccer. I was honoured and excited to have been invited to teach frisbee and they even ordered 10 Innova Makani golf discs that would be given away to 10 lucky kids.

Although only 6 kids showed up, we still had a lot of fun. Although I prefer more kids because my primary goal is to teach frisbee to as many people as possible, the benefit of smaller groups is that they get more time to throw, play and learn from me, so it’s never a bad thing when I sometimes have a small group.

After starting off with my usual intro to frisbee, which included making a full court basketball net frisbee trick shot on the 3rd throw, I taught them throwing & catching, freestyle, disc golf, distance, guts, self caught flight, and then I ended the night off by throwing while they ran and tried to catch it.

It was super fun and the highlight for sure was that the oldest kid who came out (a 14 year old boy) immediately showed a natural talent for throwing. He made quite a few long putts into the disc golf basket and he could easily throw the length of the gym! I’m hoping to work with him again and get him into disc golf! At the very end, each kid got to take home their very own Innova Makani golf disc, which is perfect since Cochrane just built their first disc golf course in the fall, which is free for the public to use – all you need is a disc!

Thanks Jaimee, Jen and Kristy for the opportunity and the help! I’m looking forward to going back for more frisbee workshops and hopefully work with the town on some disc golf (and other frisbee) sessions this spring and summer!

If you are interested in booking me for a frisbee workshop at your school, birthday party, or community program, please Contact Me.