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Nice Needs No Filter – Pink Shirt Day 2018

For Pink Shirt Day 2018, I spent the day talking about Kindness and Unplugging, and teaching frisbee to 500+ kids from K-8 for Pink Shirt Day! This is the 5th year in a row speaking to kids about Kindness and teaching frisbee on #pinkshirtday!

Luckily Davy Whippet didn’t get sprayed by a skunk today, unlike two years ago!

“Nice Needs No Filter”

Today especially I’m talking to kids about how decreased screen time leads to increased empathy and kindness. Especially for kids less than 10, screen time should be basically zero. The developing brain of a kid isn’t equipped for the constant dopamine hit from screen time (video games, movies and tv).

We can do better. Kids deserve it.

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