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Getting Unplugg’d with Frisbee at St Marie

I spent the day speaking to kids about Getting Unplugged and teaching kids how to throw, catch, and play frisbee.

I started the day off speaking to kids about Kindness, Acceptance, and Getting Unplugg’d and then ran ran frisbee workshops for kids from 5-13 years old (K-Grade 8). I had lots of thoughtful questions from the kids, and had several really impactful conversations. It’s always surprising how many kids have a tv in their bedroom, go to bed later than midnight, and are carrying around a $1,000 phone.

Today also again reinforced my belief that the best way to get kids (boys and girls) into anything is not by having them watch you do it, but instead by letting them do it themselves. That’s why I do my best to have every single student take part in my frisbee workshops. Although it makes for long days, it’s worth knowing that they’re getting to learn and try what’s possible with frisbee!

I’ve taught frisbee to more than 50,000 kids and as you can see in the video featuring five Grade 8 girls doing a tipping drill from Guts Frisbee, it’s so much more powerful to have them do it on their own.