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Saskatchewan Disc Golf Adventure – Arlen & Jeri-Ann

In 2019, Arlen Darby and Jeri-Ann Brownbridge started playing disc golf. In 2020, they traveled the province of Saskatchewan, playing every single course (more than 65 at the time). Saskatchewan now has more than 80 courses, and they have continued to play every one that goes in the ground. Amazing!

Arlen and Jeri are two of the most genuine, kind, enthusiastic, and curious people I’ve had the honour to spend time with. The energy they put out into the world has helped bring more attention to disc golf, and it’s been awesome to watch their progress both as players and promoters.

They are involved both locally and provincially, running events, bringing new people out, and working with Disc Golf Saskatchewan to expand the opportunities on a larger scale.

The first known instance of disc golf was in Bladworth, Saskatchewan in the 1920’s, so it’s great to see how much the province has embrace the sport, and continues to grow the sport on all levels and all areas.