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Going Viral – The Biggest Day of My Life

I’ve gone viral before, mostly on Reddit, but today was the biggest day of my life going viral.

Last night I posted the video of Sailor and I throwing 109 yards at the Calgary Stampeders halftime show two weeks ago on on Imgur and shared it in a few big Reddit subgroups, but only one really got any traction – /videos.

Best Halftime Show Ever

Someone else posted it on Imgur and that video is over 100,000 views and 2,180 points as I write this.


However, a few people did notice it and ended up posting it themselves, which really started the momentum – /oddlysatisfying and /rarepuppers.

From there, someone tagged me on Twitter that Buitengebieden had shared my video (without credit). I messaged them, and they tweeted credit to me, along with some of my bio which was super cool. The video and their attribution post both took off!

Then, I was contacted by Sportscenter on Instagram asking for my permission to share my video, along with a credit to me.

That one absolutely blew up and as I write this it has 331k Likes, 1,700 comments (not sure how many views, but I imagine well over 1 million)

Then TSN shared it on their Instagram account, and although they have far less of an audience, it’s still done very well!

To end the day, ESPN shared the video on Tiktok, which absolutely blew up. As I write this it has 15.9 million plays, 2.6 million likes, 9,500 comments, and 16.7k shares!


They set a new record for the longest catch at a live sporting event 🤯 #dog #football #catch (via @Rob McLeod)

♬ no lie – favsoundds

Jay Onrait shared our video on both Instagram and Twitter!

Keep in mind, these are the big ones that I’m aware of, but I know that there are many others. If you saw a big post that isn’t in this list, let me know.

UPDATE: Jan 2022

Dog_Wired shared out video on their Instagram account on Jan 9, 2022. As I type this, on Jan 31, the video has hit 49 million views! Incredible!

UPDATE: February 2022

ESPN UK shared the video on their Facebook page on Feb 9, 2022. As I type this on Feb 15, it’s already at 19 milion views!

So, what’s next?

This has been such a whirlwind 2 weeks that I’m just honestly trying to keep getting as much awareness and coverage of this as possible while it’s still fresh and exciting in the news cycle.

I have tons of ideas and will be reaching out to potential partners and sponsors over the next few months, in particular I’m looking for sponsors to work with me on Guinness World Record attempts I’ll be setting up, custom stamped frisbees for branding and engagement, custom designed and installed disc golf courses, and corporate team building events including charity disc golf tournaments.

If you’re interested in working with me, send me a message or check out my Sponsor page for more information!