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Working on Timing – Jan 2 Frisbee on Ice Training Session

Today’s practice session was about timing, space, and reading the wind.

It’s been a few months since I competed (in disc golf) and a few years since I competed/performed in Self Caught Flight, so although I have a big goal this year (which I’ll be announcing soon) I know that it’s all about doing a little bit everyday to get myself where I need to be.

Throwing with people around keeps me honest, makes me work within some boundaries, and keeps me focused on the small parts of Self Caught Flight since it’s not safe for me to go big.

Throwing with people around is also a great way to bring exposure and awareness to what is possible. Many people don’t know that it’s even possible to throw a frisbee and catch your own throw, much less do it while on ice skates.

Bowness Lagoon is one of my favourite places on earth and I’m so grateful that I get to call it home for my training sessions.

I’m throwing a Hero Air 235 from Hero Disc USA.

So much more to come!