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Frisbee Residency at Meadowridge School

I spent the week teaching frisbee to students from Grades 3-10 at Meadowridge School, a private school in Maple Ridge, BC.

Huge thanks to Nathan Horne for having me out! It was such an awesome week that included a few after school sessions and some afternoon disc golf with the staff.

Meadowridge has their own course and a few students competed in the Tiny Room Battle last fall, a virtual freestyle frisbee competition with XDISCS.

My main focus was on introducing what’s possible with frisbee to all of the students while at the same time having a lot of fun, and building their confidence with throwing & catching.

We did a lot of disc golf, ultimate, freestyle, dodge disc, creating throws, and inventing games.

Nathan is a huge proponent of physical literacy, which is how we connected when I was a guest on his podcast, the PhysEdCast in 2020.

Listen to my episode:—Frisbee-Rob-McLeod-ef7i4m.