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Frisbee Rob and The Touchdown Dog at Edmonton Elks Halftime Show

Last night, I performed at the Edmonton Elks Football Club halftime show with Kara and Shawn Bellingham, and Sailor, Treason, Electric, and Treble (the dogs) in front of more than 23,000 fans!

It was intense, hectic, chaotic, and incredible.

The plan was a bit different than the two previous halftime shows I’ve done. Rather than tryin gto go endzone to endzone on every throw, I was going to start from the field and keep backing up, throwing progressively longer and longer touchdowns.

Sailor started off great, catching the first two throws – both for touchdowns. Unfortunately he ran off down the tunnel, but thankfully we learned from the Atlanta Falcons halftime show and had Treason ready as a backup.

I then threw 3 throws to Treason, closing out the halftime show with a 108 yard throw and catch, and another endzone to endzone, 110 yard touchdown!

I was throwing the Supersonic 215 from Hero Disc USA.

Huge thanks to Riley, Karen, and the entire Elks organization for their support, encouragement, and help throughout the game.

Big thanks to Lara for trusting me to throw to Sailor & Treason, who are now both Touchdown Dogs!

Shout-out to Hyperbaric Health and Spa for the incredible pre-game session to get me prepared (& thanks Candice and Carmen)!

Shout-out to Lagree YYC for getting my body in the best shape of my life so I was able to get maximum distance!

Lots more to come!