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Frisbee Rob Set to Perform at RCMP Musical Ride in Woodstock, NB

Rob McLeod, known internationally as Frisbee Rob, will be performing with members of the Skydiggers Disc Dog Club at the RCMP Musical Ride on Tuesday, August 16 starting at 6pm. The pre-show starts at 5:30pm, with the ride slated to begin around 7:30pm.

Rob grew up in Woodstock and has been living in Calgary, Alberta since 2005 where he is a full-time motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador.

Performing alongside Rob will be Nicole with her 5 year old Aussie mix Piper, Sandra with her 4 year old Border Collie Rush, and Amanda with her 6 year old Whippet mix Uber.

The Skydiggers will be setting up a fun competition involving Toss & Catch, Agility, and Extreme Distance. The dog who performs the best through the 3 events will be crowned the champion.

Both Rob and the Skydiggers will have frisbees for sale after the RCMP Musical Ride. There will be a mix of dog safe, freestyle, and throw & catch discs starting at $10/frisbee.

About Frisbee Rob

Rob is best known for his CFL halftime show performance with Sailor, a Border Whippet, in Oct 2021 when they went endzone-to-endzone in front of 21,000 fans. That video has gone viral multiple times, now amassing almost 300 million views across all platforms.

In addition to performing at halftime show (2 CFL, 1 NFL), Rob also competes in individual events. He recently competed at the WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships in San Diego, California where he defended his gold medal in Self-Caught Flight, for his 6th consecutive title. This now brings his total to 14 World Championships, alongside 6 Guinness World Records and the Canadian Distance Record.

Rob also competed at the WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships in Limerick, Ireland where he won the silver medal in the Open Grandmaster division with FIGJAM, a team based in Calgary.

About the Skydiggers

Skydiggers is a group of Disc Dog enthusiasts from the Fredericton area. They were formed by members of On My Go! Flyball Club and enjoy finding ways to stay active with our dogs. They compete in the international K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch league. The K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Worldwide League is the sport organizing body for independent Dog Frisbee Clubs in more than 300 cities around the world.

Skydiggers Disc Dog Club

RCMP Musical Ride Tickets Now Available

Western NB Crime Stoppers recommends to avoid a long line-up at the entry gate, the public pre-purchase their tickets for the pre-entertainment show and RCMP Musical Ride performance being held Tues. Aug. 16th, Connell Park Grandstand and AYR Motor Center side hill starting at 6:00 PM. If you decide to purchase your ticket at the entry gate, cash only, the reason being the grandstand and Ayr Motor Center do not have internet service for debit and credit card payment. Cash only please at the vendor locations identified below as these ticket purchases must be kept separate from the business accounting record. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chair if you plan to sit on the Ayr Motor Center side hill and everyone should have their camera for this once in a lifetime experience.

Tickets: Adult $15, Child (7-17 yrs.) / Senior(60+ yrs.) $12, Family (2 adults / 2 children) $45, Children (6 yrs. and younger) Free.

Ticket Purchase Locations:

Woodstock: AYR Motor Center, Bunting’s Grocery, Corner Store-Broadway Irving, Feeds ‘n Needs, Vanity Flair and Eska’s China, Grafton Smart Stop Convenience, Murray’s Irving, Sobeys, Kojax’s Convenience

Debec: Debec General Store

Meductic: BVD Petroleum-Petro-Can

Centerville / Florenceville: Dingee Energy System, Florenceville Irving, Carleton Co-Op

Perth-Andover: Squeaky’s

Riverbank: DunRoamin’ Stray and Rescue

Canteen: Cash only please hosted by Woodstock Rotaract Club (hot-dog, juice, pop, water) will be provided at both viewing locations.

Pre-Show Entertainment: Jack McAffee, Law Enforcement Dog Demonstration, World Record Holder Frisbee Rob, Southern Victoria Pipes and Drums, Maliseet Drummers

Find out more about the ride:

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