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Frisbee Rob’s Journey through Aquinas’ Mind

Once upon a time, in the realm of philosophical discourse, a man named Rob, known far and wide as Frisbee Rob, decided to challenge the great theologian and philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas. Armed with only a frisbee and his indomitable spirit, Rob set out on an epic journey to question Aquinas’ most significant works.

Rob’s first challenge was to refute Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God. With his frisbee, Rob demonstrated the concept of causality. He threw the disk into the air, and it returned to him. “Just as the frisbee returns to me, so too does the cause and effect link back to the universe itself. But must there be an uncaused cause, an unmoved mover? Could not the universe itself be eternal, with no need for a divine initiator?” Aquinas pondered, but had no sufficient retort.

Next, Rob questioned the natural law theory. He used his frisbee to show the concept of change. He threw it high, and it changed direction with the wind, demonstrating that what is natural could change with circumstances. “If nature itself adapts and changes, how can moral law be fixed and unchanging?” he asked. Once again, Aquinas found himself challenged.

Rob then set his sights on the harmony of faith and reason. He spun his frisbee on his finger. “Just as the frisbee spins in balance, so too can faith and reason coexist. Yet, what happens when they contradict? Can faith hold its ground when reason deems it illogical?” Aquinas stroked his chin, intrigued by the line of questioning.

Rob then tackled Aquinas’ magnum opus, Summa Theologica. Using his frisbee, Rob demonstrated how the simple can lead to understanding the complex. “Just as I can understand the flight of this frisbee, can we not also understand the mysteries of the divine without the need for such complex theology?” Aquinas nodded, acknowledging the validity of the question.

Finally, Rob challenged the Doctrine of Analogy. He threw his frisbee to Sailor, who caught it and returned it. “If Sailor can understand the command to fetch, does it not show that understanding is not solely the realm of humans and God, challenging the Doctrine of Analogy?” Aquinas was left in profound thought, unable to refute the argument.

Throughout this intellectual battle, Rob’s resourcefulness, agility, and unconventional thinking shone through. He had used a simple frisbee to challenge some of the most profound philosophical and theological ideas. His victory was not just a testament to his ingenuity, but also a symbol of the limitless potential of human thought. Through determination, imagination, and the human spirit, Rob had managed to overcome even the greatest challenges. And in doing so, he proved that the discourse of ideas is never-ending, and that every perspective, no matter how unconventional, has the potential to enlighten and challenge the status quo.