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47th Annual Virginia States Frisbee Tournament Summary

The Finite Game: Competition and Performance

This year’s Virginia States Frisbee Tournament was an illuminating experience on multiple fronts. Reflecting on the “Finite Game” of the competition, it was clear how my lack of training and practice led to my placements in each event. I finished 8th overall including 18th in MTA and 6th in Distance. You can check out all the results here. Huge congrats to Chris and Katy for winning the Overall in Open and Women’s!

My fitness level wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I hadn’t played any rounds of disc golf, and I hadn’t gotten out to practice MTA or Distance.

Consequently, I wasn’t as warmed up or practiced as I should have been when the events started, and my overall placements in the events mirrored this lack of preparation. Despite this, I was still proud to make the Distance finals, with one of the best throws of the weekend during the semi finals. Also, during warmups for MTA, I had a throw that would have won me the event, so I know the potential is there – the preparation was not. Surprisingly, my body held up better than expected, so I know that getting lots of sleep and eating a good amount of protein has been helping me recover.

The Infinite Game: Friends and Social Time

Transitioning to the “Infinite Game,” the tournament is SO MUCH more than just the competition. It’s a reunion of the Frisbee Family, gathering at Shelter H for our yearly tradition of Laszlo’s, throwing close to 1,000 throws, sharing stories, hugs, laughs, tears, and remembering why we love this sport and family so much. The chatter in between throws on the disc golf course, having a great time playing DDC with Riley, and all the inside jokes, jabs, and heckles were something I have missed so much.

A particularly special moment was witnessing the induction of Mike and Jeannette into the Virginia Frisbee Hall of Fame. I interviewed them the last time I competed in Virginia, in 2019. Check it out here. Their influence on me has been indelible, imparting wisdom that I carry into every speech about frisbee. Staying with the Koonts family, always so gracious and warm, reminded me of the deep personal connections that this sport fosters. It was heartwarming to be called “best friend” by their girls, a testament to the bonds formed over years of shared experiences.

Jack, who introduced me to the Overall back in 2011, remains a constant source of inspiration and it was an honour to compete with him in the Distance finals. Watching some of the world’s best freestylers perform (and jam for fun) was nothing short of inspirational, pushing me to continue evolving my skills. Additionally, playing mini golf at the Riverby Bookstore (Riverby Annual General Meeting) is always a highlight and is the reason I show up a day early each year.

Special thanks are due to Jay (the Koonts), and Sam (the Kayes) for stepping up to run the event. Taking over from Eric, who had run the event for 33 years, they’ve added their unique touches while maintaining the event’s heart and soul. Their attention to detail is impressive, and ensures that each year will be better than the last.

As I look forward to Shelter H in 2025, I am reminded of why I return year after year: it’s the frisbee family and the endless possibilities within this community that make every tournament worthwhile.

Here’s to more throws, more laughs, and constant learning in the years to come!