Emotional Intelligence

Through the 3XQ assessment and neurogamification with the Conversational EQ and the EQ2iQ decks, I will help to transform your staffroom & classrooms. The four core emotional skills that will be developed and introduce are:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Agility
  • Emotional Responsibility
  • Emotional Maturity

EQ2iQ is a unique social and emotional learning experience for families with children ages 3-14. Our research-based scientific curriculum and neuro-gamification (adding game dynamics to brain science) techniques help children and families develop social-emotional health and performance. We use specialized educational games that have seven levels combining emotional vocabulary, cognitive thinking and social skills.

EQ to IQ – becoming more intelligent about your emotions and using your emotions to unlock your intelligence.

Conversational EQ games are the fastest way to train your brain for social-emotional intelligence. The games can be played in the home, class, or at the office by teens and adults of all ages and backgrounds. Each level focuses on a different set of skills and combines the fun of game dynamics with the brain science to accelerate learning. Watch the video introduction for a comprehensive overview.

What is 3XQ?

3XQ is an assessment based on a behavioral science framework for intrinsic motivation called Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and social-emotional intelligence. SDT is considered one of the leading theories of human motivation and has been adopted by thousands of scientists worldwide.

Staff/Team EQ Development

3XQ Assessment and neurogamification to build emotional intelligence in the staffroom.

Start with a free 3XQ debrief before I work with you to design a customized program for your staff.

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Classroom EQ Development

Neurogamification with training for the teachers to help deliver the EQ2iQ gameplay. 

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Whole School/Team EQ Programs

Working with your teachers/employees to help unlock their intrinsic needs, discover their true purpose, increase joy, and build empathy through emotional intelligence programs in the staffroom & classroom, or within your team if you are an organization.

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