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Guinness World Records

Distance to Canine Catch with Davy Whippet

134 yards (402 feet)

Canine MTA with Davy Whippet

10.59 seconds

MTA on Ice Skates

14.14 seconds

TRC on Ice Skates

92.4 metres

SCF on Ice Skates

SCF (14.14 s/ 86 m)

Drink Cans Hit in One Minute

28 drink cans

Mini Disc Distance to Canine Catch

40 metres

Longest Time Aloft Flying Mini Disc Throw on Ice Skates

6.40 seconds

Longest Mini Flying Disc Throw and Catch on Ice Skates

39.85 metres

Highest Score Mini Flying Disc Self-Caught Flight on Ice Skates

71.70 (5.79 s/ 39.85 m)

Longest flying disc time aloft on inline skates

9.78 seconds

Longest flying disc throw and catch on inline skates

52 metres

Highest score flying disc self-caught flight on inline skates

105.79 (9.78 s/ 52 m)

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