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As a motivational speaker and frisbee workshop instructor, I am confident that I can bring a dynamic and engaging experience to your school. My school assemblies and frisbee workshops are designed to not only entertain and educate students, but also inspire them to be their best selves. By incorporating themes of physical literacy, resiliency, kindness, and self-awareness, I aim to instill valuable life skills that will stay with students long after the assembly is over. In addition, the frisbee workshops provide a fun and interactive way for students to put these lessons into practice, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship. I have a proven track record of captivating audiences and delivering impactful messages, and I would be honored to bring my expertise to your school. Book me for your next assembly or workshop and watch as your students are inspired to give their “Best Effort Always.”

My core messages are: Physical Literacy, Resiliency, Kindness, and Self-Awareness. My assembly combines the four core messages with frisbee demos and games. At the end of every assembly, I challenge students to start a Frisbee Club, which I will support. During the frisbee demo, I show them a trick shot that is hard, and I usually fail multiple times before finally making the shot.

Core Messages

The core messages that I will share with your students and staff:

  • Physical Literacy: The importance of trying/doing multiple sports/activities.
  • Kindness: Focus on pro-Kindness rather than anti-Bullying.
  • Resiliency/Growth Mindset: Learning from failure, and valuing practice.
  • Self-Awareness: The value of being YOUR best vs being THE best.

Literacy Development

Character education through whole person literacy development:

  • Physical: Frisbee Workshops
  • Emotional: Resiliency & Kindness
  • Textual: The Davy Rule children’s book