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Calgarian Rob McLeod Sets New Quadruped World Record for Frisbee Distance

Calgary resident Rob McLeod set a new Quadruped World Record at the Denver Quadruped on August 18 by throwing a Frisbee 116.5 yards to Davy Whippet, breaking the previous record they first set in Houston by more than 15 yards.

Rob McLeod has also won the Denver Quadruped and, combined with his 2nd place finish in Houston a few months earlier, was crowned the 2012 Quadruped National Champion.

“I’ve been practicing throwing a lot since Houston to get longer and longer throws and I’ve been practicing at least twice a month with Davy to make sure that we were ready for Denver,” said McLeod.

Rob McLeod and Davy Whippet have been busy since setting the Quadruped record in Houston. They’ve traveled to Kansas City, Ontario, Denver and have also run three demos, showing off their talents to both kids and grownups alike.

First up was an anti-bullying demo for the Edmonton Rush back in February, then it was the Rainmaker Rodeo in May and finally a demo for the Calgary Humane Society in June.