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”Frisbee Rob” McLeod is an inspirational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He currently holds 13 Guinness World Records, 14 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record. Rob has appeared in the 2014, 2015, & 2024 Guinness World Records Book, the 2015 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock! book and the 2014 Maclean’s Canada Day edition. Rob has also co-authored a children’s book titled The Davy Rule, featuring Davy Whippet.

Rob brings growth mindset to life by making failing fun through unstructured risky play using frisbee, which is a wonderful sport for developing and promoting physical literacy.

13 Guinness World Records

Personal Bests

  • Longest throw with an ultimate disc – 130 yards
  • Longest throw with a golf disc – 217 metres (712 feet) (Canadian Record)
  • Longest throw to a dog with a dog disc (Hero Xtra 235) – 116.5 yards (Quadruped World Record)
  • Longest throw to a dog with a dog disc (Innova Condor) – 134 yards (WFDF/Guinness World Record)
  • Longest throw with a mini disc (Innova 41g Mini Driver) – 122.5 yards (Canadian Record)
  • Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) – 15.37 seconds (Canadian Record)
  • Canine MTA – 10.59 seconds (WFDF/Guinness World Record)
  • Throw, Run, Catch (TRC) – 89.6 metres (Canadian Record)
  • Self Caught Flight – 163.54 (15.37 seconds/79 metres) (Canadian Record)
  • Maximum Time Aloft (on ice skates) – 14.14 seconds (WFDF/Guinness World Record)
  • Throw, Run, Catch (on ice skates) – 92.4 metres (WFDF/Guinness World Record)
  • SCF (on ice skates) – 163.77 (14.14 seconds/86 metres) (WFDF/Guinness World Record)
  • Accuracy – 18
  • Hole in ones – 18