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Frisbee Workshops

150+ Throws

When a ball dreams, it dreams that it’s a frisbee. Explore what’s possible!

10 Disciplines

Frisbee is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)!

Invent Games

Promote creativity and ignite your imagination, all without a screen!

Physical Literacy

Gain confidence, and introduce new skills and games through physical literacy!

How it Works

Logistics & Booking

I’m available for single, half day, full day, or multi day workshops.

It could be a 60 minute workshop for 100 kids, a full week residency working with the entire school (PE class takeover), or a team building event for an organization.

I will work with you to fit your scheduling and budgeting needs.

Fill out the form below to get started!

Workshop Plan

My workshops are all about possibilities – showing kids (and adults) what is possible with frisbee, teaching them the basics, having lots of fun, and getting lots of movement!

Frisbee is a multi-discipline sport, similar to track & field, so it’s important to introduce frisbee from the top down, instead of just focusing on one single discipline.

Post Workshops

Once I’ve taught your group what’s possible with frisbee, there are many opportunities to keep developing the skills, playing the games, and exploring the sports.

Your school could start a Frisbee Club. Or your organization could host a Disc Golf Tournament. Or you could create an Ultimate Frisbee team and compete against other schools.

Frisbee is the Ageless Game!

My Approach

I grew up playing every sport possible. I didn’t start playing frisbee until after high school. I know the value of physical literacy and multi sport participation for the development of an athlete in terms of physical health, mental health, and overall skill development.

I am certified through Sport for Life as a Physical Literacy Instructor, have spoken in 400+ schools to 135,000+ students and have taught more than 6,000 workshops.