I believe in mutual partnerships and I believe in working with brands that I trust and respect. Each one of my partners I know personally or I have had many conversations with before agreeing to work together. I many times will promote a brand that I have nothing personally invested in simply because I believe in their work and their product.

School Sponsorship

My main focus is on speaking in schools and sponsors can help make this happen because many schools have limited budgets. Here is how a typical partnership would work:

Partner agrees to provide funding for up to X number of schools ($700 per school). I would then book schools based on the criteria set forth by the partner (either in a certain geographic location or demographic) and upon booking a school, I would send an invoice to the partner, who would then write a cheque. Typically my partners provide funding for up to 5 schools and request that I book schools in the same quadrant of the city as their business location. Additionally, a great way for brand awareness is to provide custom stamped frisbees to all of the kids who complete my Unplugg’d Challenge at each school. This is a great way to promote fitness, promote less screen time and gain brand awareness.

  • Cost of school funding: # schools * $700 (ie 5 schools would be a sponsorship value of $3,500)
  • Cost of frisbees: Roughly $6/frisbee

Additionally, I’ve created a sponsorship package which outlines the top 9 benefits of working with me.


If you would like to provide funding for me to speak in schools, please fill out the contact form below.

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