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Rob spoke with our entire student population from grades 6 -12 and touched on a number of core values (kindness, acceptance, determination, empathy, perseverance, resiliency etc…) as it related to his own experiences. He stressed the importance of working hard, having a positive attitude and that failure is a stepping stone to success. It really hit home with our students when he described how he had failed 10,000 times in a particular trick. His passion was infectious and the students were engaged and had barrels of fun.
Neil B
Athletic Director
The positive messages were relevant to the age of our students and clearly resonated with them as they were talking about them the following days after the assembly. Resilience and determination are two important qualities not only in academics, but also in athletics and creative arts, and often help build self-esteem and confidence. Frisbee Rob not only spoke about the importance of determination but also demonstrated DURING the presentation which the kids loved. They physically moved themselves closer to him when he was throwing frisbees. He is an excellent presenter and we look forward to having him back next year.
Leanne W
Frisbee Rob’s assembly and workshops motivate students to learn and participate in Frisbee activities as well as to treat one another with dignity and respect! It is wonderful for students to experience learning about a world class athletic journey in a unique sport – Rob exemplifies the passion and commitment necessary to live ones dream through daily action. Thanks for a great assembly and for active, engaging and fun workshops Kindergarten – Grade 8.
Dion H
We have had Frisbee Rob out on a few occasions during our player programs to utilize as on off ice session. As we are a big supporter and believer of physical literacy we saw a ton of value in the lesson plans Rob executed. They were challenging but also fun for all levels of athletes from 6 yr old grassroots athletes up to 17 yr old midget AAA players. We will definitely be reaching out to Frisbee Rob in the future.
Jesse H
Sports Administrator
Students from kindergarten to grade 8 enjoyed and were fully engaged in the Frisbee workshops, and all experienced great success. Frisbee has become a popular recess activity following your workshop, and some of our students are wondering how they might get involved in Frisbee sports and are wishing that there were Frisbee leagues and such at their age level.
Patti I
Any groups fortunate enough to have Frisbee Rob are sure to have a blast! Rob’s passion about his sport is infectious, and he is amazing with the kids. My children watched in awe seeing all the things that Rob could do. After an hour of his expert instruction, they themselves had gained the confidence and competence that enabled them to have fun and play themselves. Because of the fun and safe environment Rob created, my group felt so comfortable stepping out and trying new techniques. It was refreshing to spend a fun day outside where all of the kids were engaged and entertained from start to finish. We partake in many fantastic field trips and activities in our daycamps, and our Frisbee Golf day with Rob stands out as a highlight! We were very lucky to have such a caring, dedicated, and talented instructor. No matter the age of the group, I know that everyone is sure to have a great time playing and learning with Rob.
Sam S
Program Coordinator
I would highly recommend that you book Rob for a presentation and frisbee workshop in your school. His message for students, staff and parents is one that can benefit an entire community. Rob is genuine, passionate and also delivers a powerful message; while also entertaining the entire student population.
Janice M
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have Rob communicate with your student population. Rob will reiterate so many positive messages that your teachers no doubt already deliver in their health classes and at other times in an effort to build resiliency. There is no doubt that Rob’s impact on our students will last a very long time. His presentation has great value and the follow-up fun and healthy activity he provides for children cannot be overstated. Rob will open the door allowing teachers and parents with a tremendous opportunity to communicate more effectively with youth on important topics.
Barb W
Rob is an inspirational presenter who shares his own life’s success that he acquired through perseverance. His anti-bullying presentation stresses the importance of respecting differences with various examples to support. His interaction with the students during the Frisbee workshop was amazing. We are looking forward to having Rob visit us again!
Jacqueline F
Students enjoyed the frisbee workshop a lot. You showed a variety of frisbee activities and had them work on different skills. Students were active and there was a lot of movement.
Patricia M
I enjoyed your story – sharing with the students about how you were bullied by other students in your school but you chose to rise above the bullying and pursue your passions. You stressed the fact that it’s not enough to have a passion for something, but you have to put in the hours (practice, hard work, perseverance, positive attitude) in order to be successful. I really enjoyed the videos of you performing your sport with Davy. Animals (and action videos) are a fantastic way to keep the students focused and interested.
Sandra S

I would highly recommend that Rob come into the school and show that people and activities that don’t always follow the traditional norm can have a huge impact in our students lives

Heather E
This presentation/workshop combination was a valuable day for all students. Rob particularly connected with quite a few students who might be considered ”at-risk” or perhaps marginalized in some way. Students were fascinated with Rob’s stories and skills!
Joe C
Frisbee Rob was our guest speaker and provided workshops for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students. He had valuable messages he shared with the parents (and students). The students (Grades 1-12) enjoyed his workshop and challenges!
Nancy G
Teacher Consultant