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McLeod to Attempt 2 Guinness World Records – On Ice

Just a few weeks after finding out he had been officially approved for his 2nd Guinness World Record with Davy Whippet, Rob McLeod (aka Frisbee Rob) announced that he would be challenging 2 more Guinness and WFDF World Records. This time however, he doesn’t have his trusty canine Davy Whippet to catch the discs for him. And he will have to contend with some “slippery” conditions. That’s because these 2 records are for an event called Self Caught Flight in which Rob will throw the disc and catch his own throw – but he will be doing it while on skates.

To give you some more background, 21 years ago, Tim Mackey set 2 World Records when he threw a disc into the air and caught it while skating on ice. The first record he set was on February 1, 1991 for Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) when he threw a disc and caught it after the disc was in the air for 9.47 seconds. The second record was on February 1, 1991 for Throw, Run, Catch (TRC) when he threw a disc, skated and caught the disc over a distance of 49.20 metres.

Rob filmed a video last weekend of him out practicing at Bowness Lagoon. The actual attempts will take place February 23-24, 2013 at Hawrelak Park during Edmonton’s Silver Skate Festival. You can add this event to your calendar by visiting

UPDATE: In a practice day on January 19, 2013, Rob unofficially broke both records with an MTA of 11.5 seconds and a TRC of 83.5 metres. Rob’s goal is an MTA of over 12 seconds and a TRC of over 100 metres. He’s confident he can achieve both of these goals and will have 15 attempts per day per record to do that.

Rob has been skating since he was about only a year old. He figure skated/taught skating lessons until Grade 5 at which point he switched over to hockey and played until he graduated high school. Other than throwing a frisbee, which he’s been doing for 12 years, his best skill is skating. He’s always been known for his speed on skates and combined with his ability to throw a frisbee, he feels that now is the perfect time to challenge Tim’s 21 year old records.

He is excited to attempt these records and invites you to come be a part of it.