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World record breaking shoes, Rob McLeod talks VIVOBAREFOOT


“When I made the switch to barefoot running almost 4 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would make on my life – not just in how I ran but also in how I moved, how I lived and how I learned. Barefoot living has opened my eyes to just how many other areas of our life we take for granted and how many things we do because that’s what we’ve always done. I truly believe that people shouldn’t just make the switch to barefoot running but also barefoot walking, which is why I exclusively wear Vivobarefoot, whether I’m playing disc golf, lifting weights, running, or working in the office. I love that Vivobarefoot offers more than just athletic shoes – their casual shoes rock and I especially love the Black Ra’s. I even even wear them with a suit and no one knows they’re barefoot shoes. I love it! Thanks to Vivobarefoot, I feel much more balanced in everything I do.”

– Author: Rob McLeod, Disc sports competitor, 5 time World Champion and 13 time current World Record holder, including 6 Guinness World Records.

Rob McLeod wears the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail and the VIVOBAREFOOT Ra.