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Desert Wind Throw

Desert Wind Throw was a distance competition held in the desert of Primm, Nevada from October 11-13, 2013. Featuring some of the top distance throwers including the current and former world record holders David Wiggins Jr. and Christian Sandstrom, Desert Wind Throw was a great weekend of hanging out, hucking bombs and sharing stories. Below is a day by day summary provided by Jeff Stoops, who organized this event.

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Day #1 Results

Day one had little or no wind. The wind meter frequently read 0.0 MPH which is very unusual for this area. Below are the throwers in alphabetical order and their longest throw in meters. There were no records set.

Phil Arthur 165 meters
Robbie Bratten 187 meters
John Hime. 128 meters
Marc Jarvis. 194 meters
Rob McLeod. 168 meters
Christian Sandstrom 191 meters
Suzette Simons 89.6 meters
Jeff Stoops 134 meters
Paul Ulibarri 158 meters
David Wiggins Jr. 210 meters

Day #2 Results

Day two had a little more wind but it came very late near sunset when the temperature was falling. Winds were 5 – 10 MPH. There were no records set.

Phil Arthur. 170 meters
Robbie Bratton. 189 meters
John Hime. Injured
Marc Jarvis. 196 meters
Rob McLeod. 172 meters
Christian Sandstrom. 181 meters
Suzette Simons. 89.6 meters
Jeff Stoops. 132 meters
Paul Ulibarri. 163 meters
David Wiggins Jr. 207 meters

Day #3 Results

Day three had a more wind all day but the big winds came after 12pm and lasted until 3pm nd then it was dropping rapidly till it was nothing. Winds were 5 – 26 MPH. There were no records set but David tied his world record throw.

Phil Arthur. 204 meters
Robbie Bratton. 228 meters
John Hime. 141 meters
Marc Jarvis. 196 meters
Rob McLeod. 213.5 meters (sets new Canadian record)
Christian Sandstrom. 233.5 meters
Suzette Simons. 102 meters
Jeff Stoops. 173 meters
Paul Ulibarri. 194 meters
David Wiggins Jr. 255 meters (tied his World record)