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25th Hour Radio Show Interview (audio)

“The 25th Hour Radio Show” is one of the newest celebrity/notable name talk shows in the Midwestern United States. They’ve featured on their show Grammy Award Winners, Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, Gold Medal Olympians, Tony Award Winning Actors, New York Times Bestselling Authors, Elected Public Officials, Professional Boxing & UFC Champions Of The World, NASA Astronauts (Moon Walkers), Commanders of the United States Military, CEO’s Of Major Business, Top Religious Leaders, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Members, Leading Actors in Motion Pictures and Television, Professional Athletes, Reality Show Stars, NBC’s “The Voice” winners, Digital Hall Of Fame Designers, Mr. Olympia’s, and many more categories of entertainers and notable names.

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest on the show by Rob Fairless, a co-host of the show. Listen to my interview below: