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Frisbee on Ice at the 2015 Silver Skate Festival

Rob McLeod, also known as Frisbee Rob, a resident of Calgary, Alberta, will be attempting 3 Guinness World Records during the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, Alberta on February 14. The 3 records will be for Maximum Time Aloft (MTA), Throw Run Catch (TRC) and Self Caught Flight (SCF).

McLeod currently holds all 3 records, which he set 2 years ago at the 2013 Silver Skate Festival. Find out more about this event at

“I’ve been skating since I was a year old and other than throwing a Frisbee, my best skill is skating” said McLeod. “These records are probably the most natural combination I could think of so I’m really excited to just get out and go after them again!”

The current records are: MTA of 12, TRC of 73.2 metres and SCF of 125.57 (SCF is MTA * 5.5 + TRC for a total score). These records are also recognized by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) so Rob will officially be attempting to break 6 World Records.

Rob’s goal is to have an MTA over 13 seconds, a TRC over 100 metres and an SCF score of over 150.

SCF is one of the events which comprise an Overall Flying Disc competition and the 2 components which make up the SCF event are MTA and TRC. SCF is when the competitor throws the disc into the air and has to catch it one handed. MTA measures the total time from when the competitor threw the disc to the point where they first touch the disc. TRC measures the distance from where the competitor threw to the disc to where they first touch it.

Rob currently holds 5 Guinness World Records and is waiting on his 6th to be approved.

For media/interview requests or for more information, please contact:

Rob McLeod
Phone: 403-618-2946