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Self Caught Flight on Ice Training

Frisbee is the most accessible sport in the world. With 1 frisbee, you can play 10 different disc sports and more than 30 frisbee games.

Recently, my good friend Jeremy from Rabbitview put together a video showing me training for my attempts at 3 Guinness World Records for Self Caught Flight on Ice, which is happening on February 14 in Edmonton, Alberta during the 25th anniversary of the Silver Skate Festival.


Frisbee is fun for all ages. That’s why we call it the Ageless Game ( It’s great for your employees, your students, your friends and your family to get together, have some fun and get some exercise.

Frisbee is the perfect union between man’s greatest tool, his hand, with his greatest dream, to fly.

If you ever have questions about frisbee, if you want to order some custom stamped frisbees (100 for $250) or if you have any videos or pictures to share, I would love to hear from you! Go to my contact page and say hi!

Thank you for supporting and believing in me 🙂