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Rob McLeod and Davy Whippet – Setting Records and Speaking to Kids

It’s 24 degrees, with glaring sunshine and not a puff of breeze to ruffle the green, Douglas Park grass.

Then Davy appears.

Tearing towards the trees, his eyes trained at the blue disc flying above his head, he throws his body into the air in an almost artistic feat of agility.

Doing what he does best, the whippet chomps the disc in his mouth.

It’s those skills that have won Davy Whippet and his human sidekick Rob McLeod two Guinness World Records together; McLeod has another four on his own (including the most number of drink cans hit with a flying disc in under one minute — 28, if you’re interested).


McLeod, whose Twitter handle @frisbeerob really says it best, was in Saskatchewan this week and last, hosting corporate team building events and teaching disc golf, Ultimate flying disc and proper Frisbee throwing techniques.

He was also giving upbeat presentations to students at Clive Draycott School in Bethune and Stewart Nicks School in Grand Coulee about bullying, making goals and pursuing a passion.

A figure skater in his youth, McLeod was bullied at school and likes to share his experiences, maybe give some insight to the kids.

McLeod and Davy met four years ago “and had an instant connection.”

Although the dog belongs to McLeod’s friend, the bond between the two of them is unmistakable — even more so when the dog jumps into McLeod’s cradling arms.

“Our first long-distance throw together, we set a world record,” McLeod recalls with a grin as he puts Davy down to snuffle at the bag of lamb treats he knows he’ll get if he behaves.

“He likes to run, I like to throw things — and we both like to sleep,” McLeod says as Davy wanders off to sniff some trees by the fence.

While fun is a big part of what the pair do, McLeod says it’s also about purpose for both he and Davy.

“I have six Guinness World Records, but I want 15 more,” McLeod says.

“But when is enough, enough? That’s what I tell the kids and everyone else — to set goals.”

And with that, he tosses another disc — a short throw as a bit of a treat.

As it floats, Davy Whippet launches himself up, yanking the disc out of the air.