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MTA World Record Holder Don “Sauce” Cain Talks Frisbee

Don “Sauce” Cain is the MTA World Record Holder. He set the record when he threw a frisbee into the air and caught it 16.72 seconds later in 1984 at the Octad.

The MTA record is the oldest unbroken record that exists. Don has been playing frisbee since high school, appeared in commercials, worked for Wham-O, played with some of the true legends and hall of famers and was one of the first (if not the first) to throw a two-finger (sidearm/forehand) in ultimate.

Sadly, Don passed away July 22, 2018. RIP to a legend.

Here’s a clip from the Pepsi commercian starring Don (throwing a flick at 0:14 No look air-bounce at 0:17 Trick catch and throw at 0:24):

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