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Calgary Man Looking for Woman to Share Guinness World Record

A Calgary man is hoping to meet his match with a Frisbee.

Rob McLeod has put out an online ad asking women who share his love of the sport to get in touch. But instead of a love connection, it’s a world record he’s after.

McLeod says so far the response to his ad has been limited. “I’ve reached out as many places as I could and I’ve probably had three really strong women that have reached out,” he says.

He adds the women who have reached out all come from different backgrounds and different cities. But, he says he was hoping for a bigger response.

McLeod told News Talk 770 he’d like to attempt three separate world records at Edmonton’s Silver Skate Festival in 2017. The records are for the longest time a Frisbee is in the air before it’s caught, the farthest distance a disk is thrown before it’s caught by the same person and a combination of both those records.

McLeod says currently there isn’t a Guinness world record for both men and women, but he is working to change that.

“I’m looking for someone who knows how to skate, and knows how to throw,” McLeod says. The event is in February and McLeod says he hopes to start training with the successful candidate right away.

The biggest thing I’m going to have to teach [them], is how to throw the Frisbee in the wind, and how to have it glide down so you can catch it,” McLeod says.

He hopes to notify the lucky woman in the next week.

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