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Wanted: A Female Frisbee Champ to Smash Some Records This Winter

Rob McLeod holds six Guinness World Records — and he’s now looking for a partner for this year’s Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton

Throwing a frisbee is a bit harder on skates, says Frisbee Rob.

If you’re a woman who can skate fast and throw a Frisbee far, read on.

Rob McLeod holds six Guinness World Records for things with frisbees — and he’s now looking for a female Frisbee phenom to join him in some record smashing at this year’s Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton.

McLeod, also known as Frisbee Rob, has built a career chasing after records, like the longest throw caught by a dog — his record is 402 feet — and the number of drink cans hit by a Frisbee in one minute.

He got 28.

But McLeod said there aren’t a lot of women going after those same Frisbee records.

“For anybody coming to watch I want them to know that it’s not just a guy that can do it, a woman can get these records,” he said.

Ultimate Frisbee is a co-ed sport played by lots of women, he said, and when he visits schools he meets lots of girls excited about Frisbee sports.

For the last couple of years McLeod has appeared at Edmonton’s Silver Skate Festival in February.

Last week he put out a message on his Facebook page looking for a woman to join him.

“I’m looking for a women who’s interested in setting [a record],” he said. “All you have to do is come out and do this and you’ll have six world records.”

McLeod has set his sights this year on a category known as Self Caught Flight, where you basically throw a Frisbee, skate really fast, then catch it.

There’s a record for the amount of time the disc is in the air, and another one for the distance a competitor skates before catching it. A third category combines both.

Both Guinness and the World Flying Disc Federation tally records, which is how you arrive at six records, he explains.

McLeod has had a couple of contenders, but said he’s still taking expressions of interest. This year’s Silver Skate Festival is happening Feb. 10-20, in Hawrelak Park.