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Calgarians Chase World Records for ‘Frisbee on Ice’

Rob McLeod is pretty serious about chasing a Frisbee.

“My religion is Frisbeetarianism,” he jokes.

McLeod is displaying his devotion as he trains in pursuit of new world records for “Frisbee on Ice.”

Practicing at Calgary’s Bowness Lagoon on Thursday, McLeod had a recent convert with him.

He’s coaching fellow Calgarian Jill Duffy on the fine points of the sport, in which participants throw a Frisbee and then skate hard to catch it.

Duffy said it’s quite a challenge.

“You’ll think it’s coming right into your hands and it’ll suddenly curl away.”

Both McLeod and Duffy are experienced hockey players, also veterans in the Frisbee sport of Ultimate.

McLeod is out to break world records he set in 2015 for the longest distance caught on ice (TRC) and for the maximum time in the air (MTA).

No women have established records in those areas yet, so whatever Duffy can achieve will stand as a high mark, although she may be eclipsed by a third Calgarian who’s been part of their training.

Jennie Orsten is even preparing while currently on holiday in Thailand.

“She’s practicing on a beach,” McLeod said. “It’s a little different, but she’s learning how the disc flies, which is everything.”

The trio will hit the ice for their world record attempts on Feb. 11 at the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton.

Whatever happens, they’ll enjoy pursuing their passion.

“I go to the church of Frisbeetarian,” McLeod said with a laugh. “And our belief is the afterlife, when you die, your soul goes up and gets stuck on the roof.”

Story from Global Calgary: