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Glute Activation and Movement Patterns

I first heard about Pilates about 15 years ago when I bought a Jennifer Kries Pilates dvd. There is a great stretching routine that I’ve done off and on over the years and every time I’m consistent with the routine, I always see results.

However, last year I learned that there are different kids of Pilates and that the really effective Pilates is done with a certified instructor at a studio with access to the proper equipment and accessories.

Since last year I’ve been wanting to do it again but it’s expensive. Fortunately, I was able to get a session in yesterday at Calgary Pilates Centre with one of the top Pilates instructors in Western Canada, Melissa Semenek. She has worked with the Canadian Biathlete Team, many dancers, especially ballet and a wide range of other professional and amateur athletes.

Melissa put me through some simple looking yet incredibly difficult movement patterns that really focused on glute activation, which is incredibly important in skating. I feel better prepared, more aware of my body and confident that the movements she taught me will help me be that much more prepared for my record attempts next weekend!