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Contouring, Hollows and Alignment with Pro Skate Edmonton

Today was another day of learning more about the science of skating and skate sharpening! Thank you to Darrell and Sean from Pro Skate Edmonton West for taking time to walk me through the process and get my skates set up to be as fast as possible for this weekend!

Not only did Sean do an alignment, but he also contoured and hollowed my blades. My setup now is a 13 foot contour and a 3/4″ hollow. They are meant to be FAST! This is going to help make sure that I can get to my big throws and means I can throw bigger than I ever have before!

Find out more about Pro Skate including contact information so you can schedule a fitting with them. If your skates aren’t set up to your body, skating skills and what you need them for, then you are most likely wasting energy, not skating at top speed and possibly causing damage to your body.

Visit them online at