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Media Day, Opening Ceremonies and CBC Edmonton Shout Out

Today was a crazy day! I had 3 tv interviews – CTV, Dinner TV and CBC – and a radio interview with CBC Radio Active talking about my upcoming Guinness World Record attempts at the Silver Skate Festival.

I had a great conversation with a Producer at CBC, Paul, about the direction they’ve taken and I really respect and admire that they have decided to focus more on local stories rather than being ambulance chasers or reporting on news that aren’t totally relevant to Edmontonians. It’s nice when someone does right because it’s the right thing to do.

It was also the opening ceremonies of the Silver Skate Festival, where they unveiled the 100th anniversary monument of Vimy Ridge, which was incredible. The Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, spoke at the ceremony which was a really nice way to open the festival. It meant a lot that I was invited and I cannot wait for Saturday to come so I can finally perform and break my records!

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