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Building Resilient Classrooms – CCTCA 2017

This morning, Lais and I gave our talk titled “Building Resilient Classrooms” at the 2017 Calgary City Teachers’ Convention at the Telus Convention Centre. We had around 40 teachers (which was sold out in the small room) attend and we received lots of really positive feedback, which was great!

I had a really good experience for my first time presenting at the conference and I definitely look forward to being a part of the event next year! I have already started planning what presentation I’d like to develop and I think I’ll do two – physical literacy and digital literacy.

The full Prezi is embedded below if you’d like to check out our core content.


Here is some of the feedback that we received:

“I really liked the resources and practical applications that we can utilize within our classroom. Thank you!”

“It was a great reminder that we need to develop relationships with students first and foremost.”

“I really appreciated the resources that you provided and sharing personal stories. Thank you!”

“I really liked the information about the impact of technology.”

“I liked the statistics given about screen time, video games, “10,000 hours” and becoming a master. Liked examples. Thank you!”

Here is a full description of our talk:

Frisbee Rob (Guinness World Record Holder) and Lais Rumel (Early Years Educator) come together to present a unique and forward thinking session on practical and engaging strategies for teaching virtues to young learners. An integrative approach to Character Education involving emotional, physical, textual and oral literacy will be revealed. These strategies will create more confident, kind and resilient students both in and outside of the classroom.