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Frisbee Rob Challenges Students in Lloydminster to Get Unplugg’d

Frisbee Rob spent yesterday at Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Centre sharing his message with students and teaching them all about frisbee.

Rob’s main messages are about Kindness, Acceptance, Determination and Unplugging. Rob also teaches kids all about throwing, catching, the different frisbee sports & games and incorporates physical literacy into his frisbee workshops.

We can do better for our kids

The average kid will play 10,000 hours of video games by the time they are 21 years old, 2/3 of that in isolation. Based on Malcolm Gladwell’s research, we know that the path to mastery is roughly 10,000 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less). Regardless of the number, the point is that it requires dedication, perseverance, resiliency and patience. Lots of kids have an arousal addiction whereby they want more of different. And the video game industry (and Youtube/Netflix/TV) is supplying that.

It’s up to us to make a change. It’s up to us to work with parents on putting controls on their kids’ use of technology. It’s not ok that the average kid spends 7-8 hours a day in front of a screen.

Find out more and join Rob in inspiring kids to develop self-awareness and self-discipline by reducing screen time and increasing play and family time.