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High River Sunsations Disc Golf Workshop

A few weeks ago, I taught a group of kids from the High River Sunsations summer camp how to play frisbee and specifically, how to disc golf.

I used 140g Innova Makanis which are perfect for anyone learning disc golf and throwing for the first time (or who are new to throwing). They have great glide and fly very straight with not much power.

Before teaching them disc golf, I did a frisbee demo for the kids talking about and showing them what’s possible with a frisbee – freestyle, self caught flight, distance, roller distance, and how there are more than 150 ways to throw a frisbee.

Then we did some putting and throwing drills to work on the grip, spin and power and to teach the kids patience so they weren’t all throwing at the same time (important when playing disc golf!). After lunch I took them out to the Lloyd Lake Park disc golf course in Calgary’s SW and each group got to play 6 holes. Then we all went to hole #9 and I did a distance demo, throwing a few discs around 500 feet. Most of the kids weren’t able to see where the discs landed because they had never seen anything fly so far!

I want to give a huge thank you to Sam, the program coordinator, for having me out and giving me the opportunity to introduce frisbee and disc golf to a new group of kids!

Something to keep in mind…

It’s important when introducing frisbee to kids that we give them as much information as possible in as simple a format as possible. If we only talk about disc golf or ultimate, we’re limiting their ability in the sport. Frisbee is so much more than one or two disciplines. There are so many wonderful things that is possible so let’s grow the sport and spread the possibilities as much as we can! Find out more at