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Spending the Day at Campobello Island Consolidated School

Today was a special day because I got to do something pretty cool! I visited Campobello Island, New Brunswick for the first time ever. In order to get to the island, I had to drive through the USA and cross the border twice. According to the staff at Campobello Island Consolidated School (CICS) it’s the only place in Canada that’s connected by a road through the USA.

I was invited to speak and teach frisbee by Pat and Daphne and what a great day it was! The morning was with the Grade 6-12 students and the afternoon was with the K-Grade 5 students. I had some great conversations with a few students, mainly about how they choose to spend their time and how many of them spend too much time playing video games. I want kids to start setting their own limits, realize how much time they spend in front of a screen and make an effort to Get Unplugg’d.

The high school kids had a lot of fun seeing what’s possible with frisbee. I taught them how to throw a backhand, forehand and hammer, we did some disc golf, some free throwing, played knockout style game with the disc golf basket and I showed them what Guts is all about. My goal is to show them all of the fun things that are possible and have them develop a wide variety of frisbee skills in the short amount of time that they’re with me.

With the younger kids, they had a lot of fun throwing & catching, playing knockout, and running & catching. There were some great athletes but the great thing about frisbee is that anyone can have fun, no matter their skill level or athletic background. Physical literacy is extremely important and frisbee is a wonderful sport to promote and apply the theory of physical literacy.

The added bonus today was that CICS has a delicious lunch program. Jessa and Wanda cook lunch every day and today was the most delicious ravioli I’ve ever had!

Thanks again ladies and thanks again Pat and Daphne for the opportunity!

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