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Norman Carter Students Get Unplugg’d

More than 130 students at Norman Carter School spent the day getting Unplugg’d, learning all about frisbee, and getting lots of exercise. They had a visit from Frisbee Rob, who challenged them to spend less time in front of a screen, encouraged them to try new things, and shows them what’s possible with frisbee.

Rob is on a cross Canada tour speaking in schools, meeting students, and increasing empathy and kindness by challenging students to get away from screens, and spending more time with their friends and family, face-to-face, playing games, reading, and moving their body.

The highlight was for sure walking through the hallways and seeing all the smiles and hearing all the chatter from the kids about getting to play frisbee, and hearing them call out “Hi Frisbee Rob”.

Check out this highlight video from today including one of the students throwing a disc into the top of the disc golf basket!