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Frisbee Rob Approved for 6 WFDF World Records

Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod was officially approved for 6 WFDF World Records for Self Caught Flight on Ice Skates. Rob attempted these records in March 2018 and was required to submit all documentation including videos, witness statements, and the officially recorded results.

With the recognition of these new World Records, Rob now has 14 WFDF World Records and a total of 21 World Records (6 GWR, 14 WFDF, 1 Quadruped).

The 6 WFDF Records are:

In order for the record to be official, Rob was required to use a mini disc that is officially recognized and approved by the Mini Disc Golf Federation (MDGF). His disc of choice was the Discraft Mini Star, which is 4″ in diameter and weighs just less than 1 ounce (roughly 27 grams) pictured below.

Discraft Mini Star vs Ultrastar

Mini Disc MTA on Ice Skates World Record

Mini Disc TRC on Ice Skates World Record

Maximum Time Aloft (MTA)

The intention is to have your disc stay in the air (aloft!) as long as possible and then catch it with one hand before it reaches the ground. The time that the disc remains in the air is measured with a stopwatch. Players get five attempts and the best time counts. For an accurate timing, three stop- watches are used. The median or middle time of the three times is used.

Throw, Run and Catch (TRC)

The player throws, and then runs to catch the disc with one hand. The player must release the disc from inside a circle that measures 4 metres in diameter. The distance between the circle where the disc was thrown and where it was caught, is measured. Players get five attempts and the best one counts.

Self Caught Flight (SCF)

MTA and TRC are often combined into one event by having players throw five attempts of each discipline. The SCF score is derived by taking the TRC result in meters and adding it to the MTA time in seconds which is multiplied by a factor 5.5. This is because the general rule of thumb is that 1 second equals 5.5 meters. Therefore, a 39.85 m TRC and 5.79 second MTA would result in an SCF score of 39.85 + (5.79 × 5.5) = 71.70.