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Interview with Jose Vivar – Executive Director of 25/7 Fitness

While in Ontario, I was fortunate enough to meet Jose Vivar, the Executive Director of 25/7 Fitness Initiatives, a fitness movement with locations in Toronto, Barrie, and Sudbury.

Jose, a former drug kingpin as a teenager, spent several years in prison where he decided to turn his life around. After getting his personal training certificate, and learning a training style he calls “Prison Pump”, Jose founded 25/7 Fitness, a non profit organization striving to make physical fitness free and accessible to all.

I worked out with Jose while in Ontario and got to witness his passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, and his skill as both a trainer, and an entrepreneur. He has big goals, and I’m looking forward to joining forces to get kids into frisbee & fitness, and away from screens.

In Prison Pump, veteran documentary director Gary Lang shows us Vivar’s determination not only to survive this serious setback but to thrive on this new life path and finally become a role model to the sons he thought he’d never see again.

Prison Pump tracks the development of 25/7 Fitness – the innovative fitness program Vivar developed in prison—which is now saving lives by both promoting healthy living and providing an outlet for ex-convicts who are struggling to re-enter society.

Watch the full Prison Pump document on (available in Canada only):

About 25/7 Fitness

25/7 Fitness is a proud Canadian non profit organization striving to make physical fitness free and accessible to all. This goal is achieved through community boot camps, youth mentorship programs and weekly fitness classes free of charge.