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Frisbee Residency at St. Vincent Elementary School

I spent 5 days at St Vincent Catholic Elementary School for a frisbee residency. I worked with more than 150 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6, showing them what’s possible with frisbee, challenging them to get Unplugg’d, encouraging them to not give up, and having lots of fun by making up games, making up throws, discovering how frisbees fly, and giving them an alternative to video games, movies, and tv.

St. Vincent also received a class set of frisbees, which is standard for all of my frisbee residencies. A frisbee residency is great because it gives me the chance to connect with the students, work on a variety of skills with them, and throughout the week, every student will have the ability to see improvement and learn new skills that they can carry with them forever. I teach frisbee through the principles of physical literacy and focus on the fundamental movement skills in frisbee which include throwing, running, and catching.