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China Video Game Curfew & Ontario Bans Cellphones in Schools

It’s been a big week for the video game industry, screen time, and device usage in schools:

  • The Chinese government has set time restrictions for players under 18, forbidding them from playing video games between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and mandating weekday limits of 90 minutes. On weekends and holidays, players can now play a maximum of 180 minutes. It’s estimated that more than 600 million people currently are gamers in China, which is almost half of the population!
  • Ontario will be restricting cellphone use in classrooms starting Nov. 4, 2019. The new rule applies to all personal electronic devices, which include laptops, cellphones, and any device that can be used to access the internet. It also applies to both students and staff during class times.

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