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Speed Flow Partner Frisbee Game – Flying Disc Week Curriculum

Have you heard of Speed Flow? It’s part of Flying Disc Week. Check it out! Works great with social distancing too!

How to Play

  • Pass the disc back and forth as many times as possible between partners in 1 minute.
  • Used to gauge the improvement throughout a week of the Flying Disc curriculum. This activity should be done on the first and last day of the week to measure success.
  • Two students of the opposite gender will line up 10 feet apart facing each other. With a third-party starting a stopwatch, the pair will begin to pass the disc back and forth.
  • The pair can use a backhand, forehand, or other creative throw that allow them to get the disc back and forth as quickly as possible.
  • The third-party will signal a stop at the 1 minute mark, and the number of times each student caught the disc will be the total of their score.