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Top 5 Freestylers – 60 Second Air Brush Challenge

I challenged the frisbee and freestyle community to take the 60 second Air Brush Challenge, and see how many times they could brush the disc in one minute. These are the top 5 freestylers who took the challenge!

Flying Disc Frisbee is an extended game of catch and throw where freestylers perform special “tricks” or maneuvers before performing the catch. These frisbee tricks can be simple, like a quick tip to an under the leg catch, or quite complicated. Freestyle frisbee is usually distinguished from other frisbee sports because it uses the nail delay, what people commonly think of as “spinning the disc on your finger.” Freestylers use the nail delay to set up all kinds of frisbee tricks like rolls, brushes, tips, pulls, and catches. Freestyle frisbee is a unique subculture with pockets all around the world. It can be done anywhere by anyone.