Bushnell Partners with the Disc Golf Pro Tour

I’ve been a fan of laser rangefinders ever since I started competing in distance competitions and Big D in the desert events back in 2011. It’s so much easier to use than a measuring tape, and much more accurate than a GPS app like UDisc.

So when I seen that Bushnell had partnered up with the Disc Golf Pro Tour, I was pretty stoked because this is a huge opportunity for the sport of disc golf.

Not only that, but they introduced the partnership through a challenge called “Dialled in with Bushnell” which had some of the top disc golfers competing to see who was the most consisntely accurate, using a Bushnell rangefinder to measure a series of throws aiming at varied distances. Check out Simon Lizotte’s challenge video below!

Having a good rangefinder is important. Not only one that is accurate, but one that is consistent. Rangefinders typically have a variance of +- 1 metre so when you’re measuring distance throws, it’s important to use the same one for all of the throws. We learned this first hand a few years ago when we were using two different rangefinders and realized that there was the chance that they weren’t matched up and could throw off the results.

The most famous throw ever recorded that was measured with a rangefinder happens to the World Distance Record, a throw of 1108 feet, by David Wiggins Jr. in 2016. Check it out!