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“Frisbee” Rob McLeod – Episode #66 The Athletes Podcast

I first heard about The Athletes Podcast in early January and after watching a few episodes, I reached out to David Stark, the founder and host. I loved his energy and how much effort he put into learning about his guests, and also featuring athletes from a wide range of sports. He brought me on and we had a wide ranging conversation covering everything from the technology of discs to my world records to the importance of reducing screen time.

Huge thanks to David for the opportunity!

What’s talked about in the podcast:

  • 2:20: NHL Talk
  • 3:20: Who is Frisbee Rob
  • 7:40: How did you get into frisbee?
  • 11:40: How do you sell kids/people to frisbee
  • 20:50: Will technology improvements help with breaking records (like the improvement in clubs and hockey sticks)
  • 22:50: What are the different types of frisbees used in disc golf?
  • 27:35: Interests in other sports?
  • 31:50: Types of training done as a disc golfer
  • 37:00: Is Tom Brady the goat?
  • 40:10: Is there anything you do nutrition-wise to help you out
  • 52:50: Unplug challenge – Screen times
  • 1:01:20: Mr. Beast videos/ YouTube
  • 1:04:20 – Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon
  • 1:06:50- How can we add more speed and spin in our throw?
  • 1:08:20 Advice for next generation of Athletes

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